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Healthy Option Chicken & Rice Natural Pet Food is wheat gluten free and contains no artificial colorants or preservatives. Also contains natural yucca extracts which help promote better digestion and reduce fecal odors.

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Healthy Option Chicken & Rice Natural Dog Food is wheat gluten free natural dog food and contains no artificial colorants or preservatives. Also contains natural yucca extracts which help promote better digestion and reduce fecal odors.


White & Brown Rice (min 55%), Chicken (min 20%), Maize, Peas, Chicken oil, Seaweed, Sunflower oil, Vitamins (A,D3 and E Alpha tocopherals as acetate), Antioxidants (natural mixed tocopherals) and pre-mixture yucca extracts.

Typical Analysis – Daily Amount

Protein: 19.5%
Oil: 8.5%
Fibre: 2.0%
Ash: 8.0%

Feeding Guide

Minimise digestive upset, introduce Healthy Option gradually into your pet’s diet. Over the course of 7-10 days, introduce a little of the new food together with the original food. Gradually increase the new food while decreasing the old, until you are only feeding the new food. Always ensure plenty of fresh drinking water is available.

We recommend 10 grams of food per 1 kg of body weight, although all dogs differ, this is a guide only depending on the individual requirements of the dog, i.e. how active the dog is. For example, 11kg Cocker Spaniel needs approximately 110g of Healthy Options Pet Food.

Manufactured in Great Britain for Healthy Option Pet Foods Ltd

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15 reviews for Chicken & Rice

  1. Joyce

    I have been buying this food for several years. My dog has been very happy and healthy on this diet. The service has always been exceptional.

  2. Genna Lenden (verified owner)

    This food was reccomended to me by one of the Healthy Option reps at The Pet Show (EventCity Manchester). All the problems we had with our dog Max (Rottie) were to do with his diet and the food he was eating. He was eating a well know high street brand. We tried this food as samples from the show and have never looked back. Max is a happy, healthy dog and his health is on top form now. He enjoys the chicken and rice flavour the best. I would happily reccomend this food to anybody.

  3. Tracey Green (verified owner)

    I first met these guys at a pet show at the NEC, they convinced me to try the food due to my Lab suffering with stinky breath and weight problems. I have been using the food for a approx 12 months now and will not feed my dogs anything else. They love it, breath is so much better, no body odours, beautiful glossy coats and 3 very happy health dogs.
    Can not recommend this food highly enough, was worth going to the pet show just to of met this company

  4. Jose (verified owner)

    Great product had rescue GSD’s for many years and they usually come with various problems as you can imagine but tummy troubles hasnt been one of them which is prevelant in GSD’s as we have feed them this food and as more of it is digestible than other food the “deposits” are much less, also they are a great bunch of people too at this company with really excellent customer service.

  5. Sharon

    We’ve been feeding our beloved dogs this food for over 18 months now, following advice about extreme faecal deposits (excessive pooing!) , bad breath and body odour. Within 1 month of changing – our little pooches were diffrent doggies altogether and a joy to take out walking. We wont use anything else ever again and they love it.

  6. Liz Ferguson

    We have 6 dogs all on this food and we would highly recommend it
    We have dogs who have energy healthy teeth and gums and above all heathy waste products every time
    Clearly all the goodness going into the dog

  7. Diane

    Our little Bijon started to scratch a lot, sounding like Thumper everytime. After trying food the vet suggested and it didn’t work, along with other suggested remedies, we came across your pet food in a local pet shop. Within 2 weeks she had stopped completely. Does it work, yes it does. We ran out at one stage and within a week she was scratching again and as soon as the order arrived and she was back on it it stopped once again. Love it, love it, love it. Well Mitzi does.

  8. Alison Allen

    I first saw you at Crufts. Searching for a gluten free feed for my lab. You were fantastic very helpful. I was also put in touch with Dave who helped pin point her allergies. I started using your food. I can honestly say I have never looked back. I have two labs two mini dachshunds who all have a regular postal delivery of their food!! There is defiantly nothing on the market to rival your own meal/bisc/ kibble, in quality and free from fillers rubbish additives or price. Through Dave I also found Haydon , Phytopet homeopathy . Who I also use now for them and the horse!!! Fantastic team always recommend .

  9. Katy

    So glad I found this after trying others. Tilly loves it and it seems good for her digestion.

  10. Claire Morgan

    Excellent food. My dog’s skin condition cleared right up when she started on this food (and it did come back the one time I had to try something else). The food last longer as they don’t eat as much, and there isn’t as much waste. Great food all around.

  11. Leon

    My Mia has been on this food since she first came to us at 3 months. She loves it. On her check ups the vet always comments on how well her coat and teeth are and can tell she has a good diet. Amazing product

  12. Laura

    Excellent dog food. My welsh springer has this and it maintains her coat and weight perfectly. Great service too from the shop staff . Thankyou .

  13. Laura

    Excellent dog food. My welsh springer has this and it maintains her coat and weight perfectly. Great service too from the shop staff . Thankyou .

  14. Nadine Ridehalgh (verified owner)

    Ive been using this brand of dog food for over 14 years, originally recommended when I got my first dog, a border collie who is sadly no longer with us, then my second dog a border terrier and I’m now feeding this to our new addition, a bearded collie.

  15. Alison McClelland (verified owner)

    I’ve been feeding this to our Labradoodle since she was a puppy. She is now 9yrs old and still jumping around like she was at 2yrs old! My vet always comments on how great her coat is and how white her teeth are and she’s never had a smelly breath. Wouldn’t feed her anything else!

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