Intolerance Test

The test is broken down into three sections


( Chicken, Fish, Lamb )

This will indicate which protein source best suits your dog


( Rice, Potato, Sweet Potato )

This will then tell us which carbohydrate will best suit your dog

Herbal Remedies

We have a range of over 50 herbal remedies which are tested individually to see if any of them will help your dog

Once you start to fuel the body with the correct diet a dogs body starts to detox the results may change.

Refusing food, loose stools, problems flaring up again are signs that the dogs body has changed and will need a retest

We need a small amount of hair in a sealed plastic bag that can either be cut, plucked or brushed from the body of the dog

We are receiving a large amount of hair samples through the post and some are getting lost, we recommend you use recorded delivery. 1st and 2nd class post are not traceable. Results may take 14 days once we have received your hair sample

Please check your junk/spam folder on your emails as the results sometimes end up in these folders

Please send the completed form with a sample of your dogs hair to
Healthy Option Pet Food
141 Spencer Rd