About Us

Healthy Option Pet Food is a small family run business that started 17 years ago with just a simple idea, to make pets healthy again. With already 25 years experience in the retail pet trade, something didn’t seem right. The same sort of animal health problems were getting more and more common, so with lots of research we found that poor diets were in fact the root cause of many problems.

Looking for a natural pet food for your pet can be a bit of mine field, sometimes we can over look some of the basic principles of feeding our pets. For instance are they getting the correct balance of digestible carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Are the more expensive super premium pet foods worth the money? Why not buy cheap supermarket dog food? Is natural dog food the best way to go?

Healthy Option Pet Food only use the finest natural ingredients including white rice and brown rice which is a digestible source of carbohydrates and fibre, we use real meat as the best protein source, we only use natural preservatives, vitamins and minerals. We do not use any sugars, colourings or ‘e’ numbers. We also have a range of grain free dog food for dogs that are sensitive to grains

When your dog is ill, loose stools etc. in many cases the first thing a vet will tell you to do is to feed boiled rice and chicken, then the health of the dog seems to improve, after which most people change the dog back onto their previous diet only for the problem to arise again. So at Healthy Option Pet Food we formulated a food that is based on boiled rice and chicken, it was back to basics. Feed the dog what they actually need and not ‘the junk’

Healthy Option Chicken and Rice was formulated first before the Lamb and Rice which followed shortly afterwards. The customers at the Healthy Option stores were seeing a massive improvement on the health of their animals by feeding a more natural dog food, bringing in to the stores letters of thanks. The highly digestible, quality ingredients meant lower feeding guides but also lower stool volumes. So not only cheap to feed but also easier to clean up.

Salmon and Rice was developed using salmon oil as more research found that some dogs can have an intolerance to poultry. So chicken oil was taken out and replaced with salmon oil. Even though it is not a common problem we felt that it was needed, rich in omega 3 and 6 not only is it great for the skin but also for the coat.

Health Option Mixer biscuit was then formulated for those who wanted to feed real meat, with highly digestible carbohydrates and a good source of oils and fats.

Cat food, rabbit food, ferret food, dog treats all followed with same principles in mind. Highly digestible, quality ingredients.

The food was only ever formulated for the needs of our own customers but with fantastic healthy animals, our customers told their friends and relatives about us. Phone calls were coming in from all four corners of the country. It’s amazing what word of mouth can do. So we set up our deliver service up and here we are today still doing what we do best. We give good honest advice to all our customers who have healthy happy animals.

We often get asked what is the best dog food for my dog? The answer isn’t always simple as you may think. Many Dogs can have a food intolerance but the difficulty can be finding which ingredient that is. The best dog food for one dog may not be the best dog food for the next. Luckily our range of hypo-allergenic foods and also the range of grain free foods to suit nearly all dogs.